The Sojourn Houston Church Planting Residency is designed to equip aspiring church planters with theological training, leadership development, hands on experience, coaching, and financial support. We hope to foster an environment where aspiring church planters can be adequately equipped, encouraged, and empowered to plant churches.



Sojourn Houston is non-denominational, but we by no means value autonomy or novelty. All Sojourn churches share a Confession of Faith comprised of three parts:  (1) the Nicene Creed, and (2) The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement, and (3) the Acts 29 Network’s five theological foundations. As a broadly Reformed family of churches, we recognize both the Westminster Confession of Faith and the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as faithful summaries of Christian doctrine.


Sojourn’s ecclesiology, our understanding of the nature and structure of the church, is patterned after the Trinity. Just as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct persons yet one God, so we are distinct congregations yet one church. In this way we are truly churches in community, a family of distinct yet united churches, particular yet one. We believe this faithfully represents God to our city, and we believe we can do more together than apart.


Our Philosophy of Ministry

We hope and pray to see a work of God that saturates our city with the gospel. To that end, Sojourn Houston is built upon the Neighborhood Parish, a smaller community of ordinary people learning to follow Jesus and live on mission together in the context of everyday life. As we multiply parishes throughout the city, we create space for new disciples and lay the groundwork for future congregations. From within the Neighborhood Parish, we practice a long-term, low-key, and relational form of ministry. We want for people to understand the gospel as they witness it demonstrated through the manner in which Christians live together and love one another.  We want for them to encounter the church as a network of relationships.


current residents

Carlos Rebollar

Target Neighborhood:  East End

Paul Ramsay

Target Neighborhood:  Braeswood


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