Our Family of Churches


Sojourn Houston is a family of neighborhood churches joining God in the work of redemption and renewal in Houston, one neighborhood at a time. The map below will help you find the Sojourn church nearest you.


About us

We desire to join God in the redemption and renewal of our city by planting churches committed to the good of their respective neighborhoods. Member churches are marked by shared theology, shared ecclesiology, a shared philosophy of ministry, and shared values. We work together to (1) plant local and international churches, (2) promote justice and mercy, (3) foster healthy biological and spiritual families, (4) integrate faith and work, and (5) promote creative expression. Our desire is to function as a family of churches, but we also want for each church to be distinct, meeting the specific needs of its neighborhood. So, each Sojourn, although united in mission, will have a unique expression.

We believe the Church is marked primarily by submission to the Scriptures. The Bible is the pure Word of God, the only absolute authority for Christians, and all things within the church are governed/managed accordingly. As a broadly Reformed family of churches, we affirm three marks of a true church:  (1) the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word, (2) the faithful administration of the Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord's Supper), and (3) the faithful exercise of church discipline. These marks, in addition to the Sojourn Houston values, will characterize each and every Sojourn congregation.