I recently read The Pastor's Justification by Jared Wilson. Although the book is primarily an exposition of 1 Peter 5 with application for pastors, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes as we bring this sermon series on holiness to a close. The following quotes are each from chapter 2, "The Holy Pastor." I hope they encourage and challenge you as they did me. 

“Holiness is not primarily about things to do, but rather things to be.” (42)

“Doing flows from being.” (42)

“Holiness is Christlikeness.” (43)

“Holiness begins in your meditation on the written word and supplication to the risen Word.” (44)

“Nobody drifts into holiness, but we sure drift into unholiness.” (45)

“Holiness is Christlikeness.” (50) 

“A good pastor will be a good repenter.” (50)

“A holy man holds money loosely precisely because his heart has been satisfied with the love of Christ, so he is free to buy his wife a nice dinner and his children a fun game, so long as he is motivated not by dinners and games but by love.” (53)

“We do not pursue holiness as the means of salvation; we pursue holiness as the fruit of salvation.” (57)