Over the next four weeks, the Sojourn Houston family will be walking through a sermon series we are titling Life Together. This is Sojourn’s annual vision series (formerly called the One series). We believe these annual vision series establish a healthy rhythm for our growing family of congregations throughout the city. Each year, we get to revisit our most fundamental hopes and dreams together, which we hope will foster unity of direction for the long haul.

That said, we have no interest in preaching an inward-focused series that strokes our Sojourn ego. We are still joining the Father, Son, and Spirit in the historic work of redemption, which was/is the mission of God’s people from Genesis to Revelation. We’re nothing new. However, like every local church, we believe our family of neighborhood churches has been given a unique role to play in our city. We want to be faithful and self-aware role-players who allow our theology to inform our corporate practices and values, our Life Together.

So here’s the plan:  All of our Neighborhood Parishes will be working through what we call the Parish Primer (see below). The sermons on Sunday will complement the Primer as we dive more deeply into passages of Scripture together. Again, we always want our theology to inform our corporate practices and values. So join us in praying for the Spirit’s unifying presence as the Sojourn Houston family preaches a total of 16 distinct sermons and facilitates 140+ distinct parish gathering discussions.

Please make Sunday and parish gathering attendance a priority over the next four weeks as we return to some fundamental theological principles and collectively dream about how our life together could impact our parishes, churches, neighborhoods, and city in the years to come.