This post is part of a 7-week blog series through the 7 Deadly Sins (PrideEnvyAngerGluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Greed). The 7 Deadly Sins are traditionally acknowledged as root vices that provoke an array of sinful behavior. At no point does the Bible outline this particular list of seven sins, and yet Christians throughout history have found this framework to be helpful. In the end, the purpose of this blog series is to guide and grow our practice of private confession.

Heavenly Father, in the beginning, you worked until the work was finished (Genesis 2:1-3). You created light and life ex nihilo and brought order out of the chaos of the deep. You cultivate, renew, and sustain your creation. And this is no small revelation! You are a working God, which lends infinite dignity to my own work as an image-bearer. My work emulates your work. My work joins your work. And yet, I am guilty of sloth. I avoid hard work, whether physical or spiritual. I run toward comfort and neglect that which is good and difficult, that which hinders my growth in Christ and permits the weed of selfishness to grow instead. I use your Sabbath as a license to laze, which is complacency and idolatry in the name of obedience. This functional slumber has clothed my soul in rags (Proverbs 23:21). My spirit is unkempt. Thank you for Jesus, the humble and diligent carpenter who bore the nails to build me a home (Mark 14:58). In the fullness of time, He too worked until the work was finished (John 19:30). Through discomfort and difficulty and death, the Son was unfailingly committed to the sovereign will of His Father. Teach me to toil rightly, to work without making an idol of work. Make me a faithful and vigilant soldier, a zealous and persevering athlete, a hard-working and fruitful farmer (2 Timothy 2:3-6). Amen.