This post is part of a 7-week blog series through the 7 Deadly Sins (PrideEnvy, Anger, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Greed). The 7 Deadly Sins are traditionally acknowledged as root vices that provoke an array of sinful behavior. At no point does the Bible outline this particular list of seven sins, and yet Christians throughout history have found this framework to be helpful. In the end, the purpose of this blog series is to guide and grow our practice of private confession.

Heavenly Father, though the birds of the air neither reap nor gather into barns, you feed them. Likewise, you know my needs, and you are trustworthy. You give me my daily bread, you pour down blessings from heaven, and yet I consume more than I require (Matthew 6:25-33, Exodus 16). Like an undisciplined child, I am spoiled, obsessed with earthly pleasures. As my neighbor hungers, as my brother thirsts, I eat and drink beyond my fill. In my blindness, I cannot see the blessing you wish to distribute through me. Your grace terminates upon me. Or more accurately, your grace terminates within me; it’s masticated, broken down, absorbed, and wasted. And in the end, this unchecked gluttony will produce both physical and spiritual poverty (Proverbs 23:21). Thank you for Jesus, the Bread of Life, the Son of Man who came eating and drinking. Despite accusations of gluttony, not once did He succumb to these inordinate desires. Teach me to enjoy your good creation even as I deny myself and carry my cross (Luke 9:23). Teach me to fast, to share my bread with the hungry, and to bring the homeless poor into my house (Isaiah 58:6-7). Teach me to hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matthew 5:6). As I partake of the Lord’s Supper by faith, give sustenance to my soul and curb my unremitting appetite, lest I wake up hungry in the world to come (Luke 6:25). Amen.