Next Sunday, April 10th, Sojourn Houston will begin a sermon series titled Christ of the Covenants. Over the course of six weeks, we’ll survey the six biblical covenants (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus) which comprise the overarching Covenant of Grace. In other words, we will together partake in the study of what’s called covenant theology. Covenant theology traces the successive waves of God’s grace which have moved, are moving, and will move history from the failure and curse of the covenant of works (the first Adam) to the victory and blessing of the covenant of grace (the last/second Adam). Throughout biblical history, each corresponding covenant, like a rising tide of grace, unveils more of God’s gracious character and redemptive love, wave by wave.

When God initiates a covenant with His people, He graciously makes promises which bind Him to us. He does this repeatedly, and simply because He chooses to. He makes these promises because He wants us to know Him within the context of a loving covenant relationship. In addition, He presents covenant obligations whereby we respond to God’s grace with obedience.

The study of covenant theology is beneficial in numerous ways. It gives us assurance of God’s steadfastness and trustworthiness. It helps us to know that we truly are recipients of His promises. It explains the role of the sacraments within the church. It helps us to piece together our Bibles. And most importantly, it brings into focus all that Christ accomplished on the cross. We pray that the Spirit of God grants all of these blessings and more. And we hope you’ll join us!