The earliest reference to Holy Week dates back to late 3rd or early 4th centuries. It begins with Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Jesus resurrection. The observance of Holy Week prepares the church to remember and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Observing Holy Week is one of the ways Sojourn links arms with Christians throughout time and across the globe. 

Tomorrow night we will gather to observe Maundy Thursday, on Friday night we observe Good Friday, and Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Our prayer is that this would be a meaningful week in the life of our church body as we remember the centrality of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  

Below, you will find more about each gathering with times and locations below. 


Maundy Thursday

A gathering to remember the last meal Jesus shares with his disciples and the institution of Communion. The word “maundy” comes from the Latin word, “mandatum” (where we get the English word “mandate”) which is often translated as “to give”, “to entrust” or “to order”. We take communion and pray together also remembering Jesus’ final moments before his betrayal in Gethsemane.

Good Friday 

A gathering to remember Jesus’ arrest, trial, suffering, crucifixion, death and burial. This is a time to mourn; first for the death of Jesus in spite of his innocence and second, for our sin which necessitated his death. Because this is a time of mourning, and therefore communion is not traditionally celebrated. However, we do not mourn as those without hope, and accordingly, the gathering ends with this phrase “Sunday is coming!”

Easter Sunday

A gathering to remember the resurrection of Jesus in victory over Satan, sin and death! The darkness and mourning of Good Friday is shattered by the light and joy of Jesus’ all-conquering miraculous resurrection in power and glory. As Mary Magdalene sees Jesus, and proclaims “I have seen the Lord!” we also proclaim that we have seen the Lord! We rejoice because in Jesus’ victorious resurrection we receive peace, both with God and one another. Jesus greets his disciples with this reality as he says: “Peace be with you!”

Easter Sunday.png