By Gods grace the Aurora Residency began in 2013, and we are pleased to say that so far we have hosted 10 residents and numerous shows, given more than $2,500 to local artists for art supplies, supported local musicians by hiring them for our art shows, and partnered with the Visual Arts Alliance in giving all of our new residents memberships, which helps us stay connected to local art organizations.

We are excited about the opportunity for our artist residents to be more connected to Sojourn Churches; specifically to our Neighborhood Parishes. The Aurora Residency is in the unique position of having a new artist come in contact with our church every 2 months, and most of them have never heard the Gospel, or been apart of a Gospel centered church that loves its community well. By involving parishes, we have the opportunity to expose the resident artists to a loving group of people, to care for our community well by caring for its members, and to meet new people outside of our normal friend/church circles. Every resident that we have had has remarked on wanting to have more contact with the members of our church, since they don't really have an opportunity to come into connect with anyone at Sojourn outside of the art shows. To do this, we would like each parish to have the opportunity to partner with an artist during their residency! 


the Adopt a resident program

In Adopting an Art Resident, you are committing to:

Pray for them

Welcome them to the residency by providing a "welcome" basket of some sort in their studio (wine, encouraging notes, etc)

Invite them into the life of your parish when you do social things together


As a church committed to seeing all of Houston hear the Gospel and come to know Christ, having our members involved in the residency is a vital part of that. This is a low key, long term way for our church to be involved with growing the art community in Houston.  

Upon participation, your parish will be assigned to a resident artist as the need arrises. Your parish will receive ample notice before being assigned to an artist. More information will be provided when you are assigned an artist that pertains specifically to that artist.

If you are interested in participating, or simply would like more information, please fill out the following form

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